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Isla Mujeres tourists crash golf cart injuring woman

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — At least one person was left with minor injuries after a couple crashed their rented golf cart. A couple of island visitors crashed their rented cart into a concrete sidewalk ripping off a wheel.

The hard impact against the sidewalk tossed its occupants to the ground leaving at least one woman hurt. The golf cart accident happened Wednesday morning near the Isla Mujeres ferry terminal.

The woman is reported to have suffered a blow to her head and right arm abrasions due to the hard crash. Passersby stopped to help the couple while they waited for an ambulance.

Due to speed, the front tire was ripped away from the golf cart on impact. Photo: May 15, 2024.

Island Transit Officers also arrived to a busted golf cart that was missing its front passenger-side wheel. The golf cart was eventually towed from the scene. The two people driving the rented golf cart are reported to have been island tourists.