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Isla Mujeres man killed after being shot then run over by car

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — A young Isla Mujeres man has been reportedly killed after being hit and dragged by a car. The unidentified man was located by police under the vehicle of an island driver Sunday.

On social media, Policía de Isla Mujeres reported “Derived from a report made by the Central de Radio where they informed the C2 that through cameras, a person was run over on Matamoros Avenue. It concluded with the arrest of a female person for acts that probably constituted a crime.”

However, the young man who was run over was laying on the road after being shot. The unidentified male, who appeared to be in his 20s, had been shot several times in the chest.

The incident happened in the island’s busy town center early Sunday morning. Early information says the now-deceased is believed to have been an island drug dealer. He was shot and then accidentally run over by an oncoming car.

In a late day FGE report, Óscar Montes de Oca clarified that the man died from severe trauma to the thorax and secondary abdomen due to a firearm projectile. In a statement, he said once the cause of death of the victim was determined, the driver of the car, who was arrested, was released.

“This person died of severe trauma to the thorax and secondary abdomen due to a firearm projectile, that is, there is no responsibility on the part of the person who ran over him,” the Attorney General explained.

In his statement, he added that “after the results of the expert opinion and other investigative acts, it was determined that the victim had already died when he was run over.”