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Isla Mujeres authorities seize home after finding drugs, weapons, tunnel

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — The report of gun fire in a residential area of Isla Mujeres lead police to the discovery of a drug house. The report was made by area residents of La Gloria late Tuesday night.

Police responded to the 10:00 p.m. reports of shots fired coming from a private home. A section of Calle Santisima was closed to traffic while police began a search for criminals. According to the FGE, “the search was carried out after a pursuit of a subject who detonated a firearm from a motorcycle.”

The FGE did not clarify if the driver of the motorcycle shot at police or was the initial source of gunfire that residents reported.

According to preliminary information, authorities from the navy and FGE seized the home after finding drugs and weapons inside. There are also reports of the discovery of an underground tunnel. The home is alleged to be a drug operation and distribution centre and possible refuge for criminals.

In their statement, the FGE added “after requesting and obtaining the order to search the property from a judge, the elements of the Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace and Security of Quintana Roo proceeded to carry out the inspection.”

During the operation, police found five short weapons, three long weapons, 286 cartridges of various calibers and approximately 50 kilograms of marijuana, which was seized, as was the home.