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Investigation into workplace harassment launched inside Cancun City Council

Cancun, Q.R. — Several middle managers of the city’s Municipal Secretariat for Social and Economic Development will be separated from their positions. Maricruz Carrillo Orozco, the new department head, reported that after a wave of complaints, an investigation was launched.

During a press conference, Orozco said that they have received more than 20 complaints of labor abuses and workplace violations to the detriment of the City Council employees.

“We have verified that some have been subjected to violations of their labor rights, in some cases due to ignorance of those rights and in other cases, due to threats from their superiors,” said the official.

She said they are anticipating additional complaints, but added that she is also aware that others are afraid to come forward in fear of retaliation.

Orozco explained that since she took up the post in October, there have been more than 20 complaints of harassment and labor right violations, mainly in the Directorate of Economic Development headed by Enrique Baños Abedum de Lima.

Accompanied by advisor Francisco Antonio Colín, she revealed that the victims have been subjected to strenuous work hours and disruptions to their breaks, for which “it causes me great indignation to know that this situation has been taking place. It is not possible for the middle managers to act like the workers are rented,” she said.

“We are going to present the pertinent complaints to authorities and we are going to remove certain people from their positions while the investigation process lasts, so as not to hinder those actions,” she mentioned.

“I am not omitting to tell you that we have received complaints of harassment, so the person(s) will be removed from office while the investigation lasts and the competent authorities resolve the situation,” she stressed.

“We are not going to turn a blind eye. We are going to make sure that the processes are carried out because we are not going to be cover for anyone. Whoever has violated the regulatory framework will be subject to the corresponding process.”