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Heavy rain from three back-to-back cold fronts keeping some Isla Mujeres streets under water

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Consistent rains have kept authorities of Isla Mujeres busy trying to keep up with Mother Nature. Area rain falls from on-going cold fronts have kept some areas of the island under water.

Municipal head Atenea Gómez Ricalde has been touring the island’s streets in an attempt to verify draining. “We have been verifying the Civil Protection work that has been going since last week. They are aware of the problems that the rains have caused including the degree of deterioration of infrastructure and the poor connection of all areas,” she commented.

She explained that although there is little in the way of material and resources, they have been taking care of contingencies due to the rains with pumping the various affected areas of the island.

The mayor said that the two broken pumps that were left by the previous administration have been repaired. “We were able to repair them, however, there have been days of heavy rain and they have burned out again, but we are doing everything possible to repair them. The Civil Protection staff continues to work to clear these areas,” she added.

Civil Protection said that cold front 8, 9 and now 10 have resulted in more than 8,000 cubic meters of rain water being pumped from waterlogged island streets. The excess water is pumped into the sea with equipment installed in the Salina Grande Lagoon, which captures runoff from several neighborhoods in order to prevent flooding.