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Health officials say only a matter of time for Mexico to enter Phase 3

Mexico City, Mexico — The undersecretary of health says that Phase 3 of the contingency is only a matter of time.

El subsecretario de salud Hugo López-Gatell says Mexico continues in its growth phase noting the country has more than 4,600 cases and nearly 300 COVID-19 related deaths. He added that every state in the country has recorded cases of the virus, and that most have suffered at least one coronavirus-related death.

During a recent conference, López-Gatell stated that entering Phase 3 is only a matter of time for Mexico and will likely occur within the next 10 days, which is when a majority of infections recorded are community-based.

He reported that Phase 3 of the coronavirus pandemic will involve a massive and accelerated growth of cases as well as of patients who require hospital care, stressing that this stage will also imply an increase in deaths.

He insisted that given the imminent proximity of Phase 3 in Mexico, the collaboration of citizens is required to reinforce and maintain healthy distance measures as well as social isolation by staying home and avoiding public spaces.

The federal official said that Phase 3 will involve having an adequate hospital restructuring, which he reported, began seven weeks ago and consists of having appropriate medical spaces and materials to attend to the anticipated increase in patients who will require specialized care.