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Half of the illegal migrants found inside Isla Mujeres hostel being returned to home country

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — The National Migration Institute (INM) is readying 34 migrants for a return to their country. Those being returned are part of the 76 people located abducted inside an Isla Mujeres hostel last week.

The 34, all men, have been trasnferred from the INM office in Cancun to the INM office in Chetumal from where they will be repatriated.

Last week, a police operation found the 76 illegal people being held against their will inside a Punta Sam hostel on the mainland of Isla Mujeres. At the time of the discovery, local authorities reported 72 of them were from India, while one was found to be from Peru.

The initial transfer to Chetumal is in part, due to overcrowding at the facilities in Cancun. Officials have not said what will happen with the remaining migrants. It is not known if some have qualified for a temporary residency on humanitarian grounds or if they too, will be sent back to their country of origin.