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Governor denies that state economy “hangs by a thread” as claimed by hotel association

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — It is false that the economy of Quintana Roo “hangs by a thread” said Governor Carlos Joaquín González.

“I do not share that vision and it gets my attention because a lot of work has been made with them to address concerns,” Joaquin said during a Radio Turquesa interview Monday. His comments were made in response to a statement by Roberto Cintrón Gómez, head of the hotel association.

Last week, Cintrón Gómez said that “tourism and economic reactivation hangs by a thread,” referring to the insecurity being felt in the region in recent months. His statement was made after two criminal gang members were shot dead on a Puerto Morelos beach, while one tourist was injured.

That incident came weeks after two tourists were killed and three more injured in a Tulum restaurant during a shootout involving rival gangs.

Governor Carlos Joaquín said that there are no official alerts or travel restrictions against the Mexican Caribbean which, he said, is due to the constant communication being maintained with the governments of the world, mainly the United States.

According to the governor, these events have not discouraged reservations since they are fortuitous events, as is often the case in various parts of the world. He added that security efforts have been tripled to guarantee greater security.

Regarding the statement by the hotel association, Joaquin said “they are unfortunate statements that go against the security work that is being done. I think we would all like nothing bad to happen, but no one is exempt from it.

“I do not think that the economic situation of Quintana Roo hangs by a thread since it has shown strength in the face of eventualities, however difficult they may be. The best example we have with what has been done was by the pandemic with Quintana Roo being one of the destinations that recovered the fastest in the world,” he said.

He stressed that working together is vital and that “we will continue to seek conditions for better growth. Entering into a game of declarations, of looking to place blame does not lead to anything. What must be done is to stay united,” he said.