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Government secretary of state warns Playa del Carmen join single command or be forced to

Chetumal, Q.R. — The Secretary of Government of Quintana Roo, Francisco Lopez Mena, warned that if Solidaridad’s council, headed by Laura Esther Beristain Navarrete, continues to refuse to accept the implementation of the Single Police Command, the state will use the law to impose it.

Lopez Mena mentioned the possibility of obliging municipalities to accept the Single Command scheme to fight crime, noting that the project, which has been rejected by several city councils in the state, is being analyzed.

“As long as there is no coordination of the Solidaridad City Council with the federal and state instances in terms of security, we will hardly be able to advance with security strategies.”

Francisco Lopez Mena anticipated that in extreme case for those who continue with resistance, the law will be applied to force the Solidaridad City Council to join the Single Police Command.

He said that the reasons for not wanting to enter into the agreement are a particular issue of the mayor Laura Esther Beristain Navarrete, and only she can explain if it is a political or other issue.

Lopez Mena said the lack of results in security and outbreaks of violence, such as the shooting in Playa del Carmen that left seven dead, are a shared responsibility, adding that this crime also stems from the non-implementation of the Single Command.

He also said he was confident that the municipal president would resume dialogue and put aside her resistance, noting that only in an extreme case would the state government apply the legal measures necessary for the city council to hand over control of its police to the state.

Lopez Mena explained that the decision to go that route is up to the Secretary of Public Security of the state, Jesus Alberto Capella Ibarra, who he says, is fulfilling his commitment to reduce rates of insecurity throughout the state despite public perception.