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Five new Playa del Carmen wells nearly complete

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Mayor Lili Campos says water company Aguakan is finishing up on the installation of five new wells. Once completed, they will improve the water distribution coverage across the city.

However, while they are being installed, water pressure will remain low during the days in most areas of Playa del Carmen.

Aguakan Director Paul Rangel Merkley said “The addition of these five new wells to the Catchment Zone in Playa del Carmen will strengthen the drinking water system throughout the city with an increase in liquid volume of approximately 200 liters per second.

It will also allow these wells to be monitored through a system called Telemetry, which is the most recent technology in this sector to be at the forefront of daily operations.”

Aguakan says that over the past five years, water coverage across Playa del Carmen has increased by 70 percent.

The new wells are being installed in the Ejido section of west Playa del Carmen. Mayor Campos said “We are working to provide a serious and immediate solution, which will allow an increase in the supply of 200 liters per second in the city.”

On Wednesday, Mayor Campos toured the installed wells to learn about the technical and cutting-edge equipment that will be implemented in each of them.

Rangel said that the entire infrastructure has been completed, which now “only lacks a few connections”. During the first days of March, Augakan will put the first two into operation.

“At the beginning of March, we are going to start the operation of the first two and so, sequentially, will be done with the others,” adding that the project coast around 18 million peso and will provide an improved water service to more than the 333,000 residents.