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First 10,000 tons transferred from island site to mainland

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — The first 10,000 tons of garbage has been removed from the island transfer site to the mainland dump of Isla Mujeres. On Thursday, mayor Atenea Gómez Ricalde announced the transfer of the garbage from the island.

During a press conference, she noted that with the removal of 10,100 tons of garbage, 12,750 square meters has been freed up. At the site, the mayor took a moment to thank islanders who have given their support during the cleanup project.

“I am very happy and grateful for the work they do every day to clean Isla Mujeres, especially to all of you who have collaborated and made this nightly coexistence be more enjoyable and the work feel like a festival, as a coexistence every night here in the transfer zone,” said Gómez Ricalde.

“The important thing is that Isla Mujeres is being cleaned up, that the leaching is no longer seeping into these areas that we have already rescued. Once an area has been freed of garbage, city workers clean the area so the leaching does not go further down,” she added.

She explained that the task of transferring the garbage from the island to the mainland dump is around 40 percent complete. “We have not stopped work in 43 days, not one night have we stopped,” she stressed.

Gómez Ricalde also said that with the removal of the garbage, the heap can no longer been seen the way it was when the new administration received it on September 30. She noted that “about 1,600 tons of waste has also been removed from the streets,” stating that cleaning the island remains her priority.