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FGE opens investigation into Mamita’s Beach Club arrests in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The FGE says they have begun an investigation into the events that occurred on a beach in the municipality of Solidaridad when two tourist police officers forcefully removed two tourists. The FGE says the two officers are being investigated for their probable involvement in abuse of authority and injuries.

The press release by the State Attorney General’s Office came after the public prosecutor initiated the corresponding investigation for abuse of authority and injuries to two people who were removed from a public beach at Mamita’s in Playa del Carmen Sunday.

The pair, who were tourists from Mexico City, were arrested by Tourist Police after they allegedly failed to order food in a concessioned area of Mamita’s Beach Club. The arrests were released on social media by other beachgoers who recorded the incident.

Varying levels of officials have expressed their dismay at their arrests including the head of the Federal Ministry of Tourism, Miguel Torruco and Laura Beristain, the mayor of Playa del Carmen who described the event as “shameful”, saying that abuse of authority against tourists or locals will not be tolerated.

According to preliminary information, elements of the Tourist Police arrested the couple allegedly at the request of the management of the Mamita’s Beach Club because “they were not consuming” products of the establishment.

The pair, identified as Azeneth N and Daniel N, both area tourists from Mexico City, were forcefully removed and taken away in handcuffs by Playa del Carmen Tourist Police after they seated themselves on the beach with towels, not paying to use lounge chairs or buying food from the beach club.

Mamita’s Beach Club has the concession for that area, but the beach continues to be public, which was the reason the video of their arrest generated widespread outrage. In a statement, the Ministry of Public Security said that its Internal Affairs Directorate has opened an investigation against the two agents.

In a letter, the entrepreneur of the Mamita’s Beach Club concession, Jorge Marzuca, announced his version of the events that happened Sunday.

“Mamita’s Beach Club regrets the events that took place last Sunday, the 16th of February of the present year, since the mission of our company is to make our national and international visitors feel at home, always providing a kind and courteous treatment. It is important for us to clarify to our clients who have visited us for years and the population of Solidaridad with which we have shared the following for 20 years:

On February 16, a couple set out to sunbathe in a service area that deliberately exists for operation as it is used by our visitors and service personnel, so they were cordially invited to relocate. They also were shown the area on the beach where they could sit comfortably and enjoy. It should be clarified that our staff approached them several times to ask them to move and the reaction we got from them were high-sounding words and threats. At the request of the couple, the municipal authorities were called. At the time of the arrival of the officers, our staff left the scene leaving the situation in their hands, we do not know the real reasons why the couple were arrested.

We appreciate your attention and hope with this to clarify this misunderstanding and to continue contributing positive actions to our society.”

Since the incident, some social media events have been set up, one of which is geared toward Semarnat cancelling the Mamita’s Beach Club beach concession and the other is the organization of a large public picnic on the beach area in front of Mamita’s Beach Club.