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‘Disoriented’ baby sea turtles cause of Isla Mujeres road closure

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — A handful of baby sea turtles were the cause of an Isla Mujeres island road closure. Late Thursday night, several tiny turtles were seen crossing an island road near the beach.

Police arrived at the scene around midnight and closed Perimetral Oriente Avenue while the “disoriented” sea turtles crossed. Their assistance was requested after two of the sea turtles were run over by motorists. Eight others were rescued by hand from the road.

“In order to protect and rescue several disoriented sea turtles that were on the road, circulation was temporarily closed on Perimetral Oriente Avenue of the Insular Zone,” Isla Mujeres police reported.

“Given the report of baby turtles on the road, citizens were asked to increase their caution when driving in the beach area after two specimens were run over,” they added.

“Due to the above, elements of the Tortuguero Camp requested assistance from the Public Safety and Transit Directorate, which in coordination with the Navy, were on supervision tours to close the Avenue. Eight baby turtles were rescued and released on a safe beach,” they explained.