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Deputies to propose stimulus program to Fifth Avenue businesses due to delay in project completion

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Deputy Cristina Torres, president of the Commission for Planning and Economic Development of the XVI Legislature, stated that in these times, it is a priority to encourage and maintain investments, referring to the businesses being affected by the work along Fifth Avenue.

Torres says a proposal will be made to the Solidaridad City Council to implement a stimulus program to businessmen effected by the ongoing project of Fifth and Tenth Avenues.

She said “we must be aware of investments, look for ways to encourage them not affect them,” adding that was understood by other deputies who approved the proposal to urge Solidaridad authorities to support those effected merchants.

During an interview with Capital Noticias she explained “what attracts tourists to the city of Playa del Carmen is walking down Fifth Avenue, which cannot be done due to the delay in work and, if we also add the effects of the pandemic, their situation is critical.

“The vast majority rent those spaces and in addition to paying taxes, duties and salaries, it is chaos. What we need is to maintain and preserve micro and small businesses, otherwise many jobs will be lost with a direct impact on the local economy,” she added.

The Fifth Avenue remodeling project, which began at the beginning of the pandemic, was scheduled for completion for the Fall of 2020, however, the project has seen continued delays. Nearly eights months after work began, the remodeling is still incomplete.