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Death of PDC mototaxi driver being blamed on inefficient highway flagger

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A Playa del Carmen mototaxi driver was killed Monday after being hit by a dump truck. The accident took place on the Periférico with Avenida Sur in the Villas del Sol subdivision.

The accident is being blamed on an inefficient highway flagger. The unidentified flagger is reported to have failed to have properly notified the drivers of the dump truck and mototaxi of one another’s presence in the Tren Maya construction area.

The driver of the dump truck was carrying out duties when he is alleged to have hit the side of the mototaxi with the back of his truck, throwing the driver from the tiny unit.

Paramedics pronounced the mototaxi driver dead at the scene.

Numerous other mototaxi drivers quickly appeared at the accident site where they prevented both the flagger and dump truck driver from leaving the scene. Due to the size of the crowd, several police officers were sent in response to the afternoon accident.

A PDC mototaxi driver was killed after his unit was backed into by a dump truck. Photo: March 25, 2024.

Elements of the Ministerial Investigation Police and State Attorney General’s Office arrived at the accident site. Both the highway flagger and dump truck driver were arrested.