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CRE caps maximum price charged for LP gas across Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — The Regulatory Commission has unanimously approved to cap the price of liquefied petroleum gas. The Commission reports that the maximum price of fuel will be modified on a weekly basis and distinguished by 145 regions in the country.

In a short meeting, the six commissioners of the CRE (Comisión Reguladora de Energía) voted in favor of the project after private companies continue to increase the price of LP gas.

In their statement, the CRE said “it is observed that in the LP gas market there are unjustified increases in LP gas prices to the end user, generated by high profit margins.”

In their published document, the CRE reports that a maximum price will be determined for 145 different regions of the country – as it was divided before the release of prices in 2017 – and that these will be published every Saturday with an effective date the following day.

The regulation of maximum LP gas prices in the country will be carried out during the next six months. The government price list will change weekly and will be valid from Sunday to the following Saturday ensuring that LP gas providers are not able to charge more than the cap set in the CRE list.

In Yucatán, the maximum price in some municipalities is 12.78 pesos per liter and 23.67 per kilo, while in Quintana Roo, there are prices of up to 13.15 and 24.35 pesos per liter and kilogram, respectively.

The determination of maximum prices takes into account efficiency and cost parameters of each type of plant, distribution profitability, tax cost, technological efficiency and characteristics of each region, among other criteria.