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Cozumel youth gunned down outside island convenience store

Cozumel, Q.R. — A Cozumel youth in his mid-twenties was shot to death outside an island convenience store Wednesday night. The man was pronounced dead on the sidewalk after being shot several times.

Police were at the 26th Avenue South scene in San Miguel I where they found the man dead. Police found him laying on the sidewalk with his red helmet still on. The deceased has been identified as Cecilio “N”.

Area residents made the report after hearing nearly a dozen shots being fired.

A second person is reported to have been hit in the leg during the targeted attack and was transferred to hospital. It is not known if the second person was part of the target or collateral damage.

Authorities were at the scene for several hours collecting evidence before finally removing the body.

Witnesses reported seeing two armed men intercept the motorcycle driver on the sidewalk before shooting.

The State Attorney General reported an investigation has begun into the Wednesday night shooting that claimed the life of the young Cozumel man.

Cozumel youth gunned down outside island convenience store
The young man was shot to death outside a mom and pop store Wednesday night. Photo: March 13, 2024.

“The FGE reports that it is investigating the homicide of a male person in the municipality of Cozumel and has opened the corresponding investigation to gather evidence that will allow us to find the perpetrator(s) of these events.

“Likewise, it informs that it works together with the Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace and Security, so that tranquility prevails and safeguards the integrity of Cozumel residents and visitors.”