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Cozumel transfers 27 tons of waste off island for recycling

Cozumel, Q. R. — Around 27 tons of waste has been transferred off the island of Cozumel for recycling. Francisco Alejandro Abad Vázquez, the Deputy Director of the Recycled Materials Collection Center (CAMAR), said the transfer is part of their process to avoid saturation of the island landfill.

He reported that as part of their recycle actions, the municipal government arranged for the transfer of the collected waste to the continental zone. The recycle program is a permanent campaign for scrapping and receiving plastics at the collection center.

This time, they managed to collect 3,850 kilograms of waste plastics, almost four tons of this was PET, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and high molecular weight polyethylene (HMW) type material.

These materials were sent by trailer to the company that is part of the circular economy Tecno transformación de plásticos SA de CV located in the municipality of Benito Juárez (Cancun), where the materials are separated by color to grind and pelletize them and later sent to the plant located in the state of Puebla.

In Puebla, it is melted down and new products such as tables, chairs, plates, glasses, containers, among others, are created, giving the old plastic a new purpose.

He clarified that the 27 tons has been collected since the beginning of the current administration. He said the collections have included parts of washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, audio equipment, chairs, tables, toys, as well as automobiles.

Many of these larger items have been collected by the municipality from homes, public areas and vacant lots.