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Cozumel reports over 3,800 hit public beaches during recent holidays

Cozumel, Q.R. — Cozumel authorities have declared the recent 2024 Easter holiday season a success without major incident. During the vacation period, Cozumel Civil Protection reported 3,875 people visited the island’s public beaches.

During the holiday season, only one medical emergency was reported on the beach, while two others were treated at the Emergency Care Center (C.A.E.). Civil Protection also reported increased security and preventive measures were implemented with the surveillance of recreational centers, the busiest public beaches and island highways.

Security was increased in different tourist areas which included the eastern and western coasts of Isla de las Golondrinas, which offered greater security to locals, as well as national and foreign tourists.

The Civil Protection Directorate reported 3,875 people on public beaches, four fires that were attended to by the Cozumel fire department as well as two vehicle accidents.

An increase of Civil Protection personnel including lifeguards was implemented during the recent holiday season. Photo: April 8, 2024.

The 2024 Easter Holiday Operation finished without incident, they reported. All emergencies and security operations were carried out in coordination with the military, National Guard, Public Security and Transit and the Civil Protection Directorate as well as firefighters and lifeguards.

The Ángeles Verdes (Green Angles), were also present on the island helping traveling motorists with roadside assistance.