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Cozumel property search operation lands three in jail

Cozumel, Q.R. — A search operation of a Cozumel property has landed three people in jail after authorities searched the home as part of an ongoing investigation.

The legal search was supported by the Secretariat of the Navy, National Guard, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) and Municipal Police.

Inside the home, authorities located various types and quantities of narcotics. Two men and one woman were handcuffed and removed from the property.

“During the fulfillment of the court order on the property located in the El Encanto subdivision of Cozumel, substances such as dry grass with characteristics similar to marijuana were seized, white powder, apparently cocaine, hashish-like products and white solid fragments similar to the drug known as crack,” were located.

At the scene, Evani Ismael “N”, Erick Rolando “N” and Mariana Neferdi “N” were detained and placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

Expert Services Personnel processed and collected the evidence found for incorporation into the investigation. The property was insured and the official seals were placed.