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Cozumel officer under investigation for excessive use of force

Cozumel, Q. R. — A Cozumel police officer is currently being investigated for excessive use of force in the recent arrest of a youth. The incident was videoed August 22 when a uniformed officer was seen striking the youth with his night stick.

The youth was laying on the ground shirtless when the officer, who was standing above him, struck him at least three times. Once in the face and twice on his body with a full swing.

The videoed event was quickly presented to Cozumel officials who have since commented on the incident.

“The Directorate of Public Security of the Municipality of Cozumel reports that in relation to the events circulating through a video on social networks where an element makes an arrest with alleged excessive use of force, the Council of Honor and Justice from the Municipal Police have begun an investigation to determine if he used the appropriate police action protocols.”

Their public statement goes on to say that “during the early hours of Tuesday, a call for help was received reporting that a subject was assaulting a passerby with a knife on the island’s boardwalk.

The now-detained was reported armed with a bladed weapon. Images: Policía Cozumel August 23, 2023.

“Upon arrival, the elements noticed the aggressive attitude of the subject, so they proceeded to secure him using the retractable cane in light of the report that the alleged assailant was carrying a bladed weapon.

“Derived from the report and evidence registered by the public, the corporation initiated an investigation before the Council of Honor and Justice to determine the probable responsibility of the element for the excessive use of force.”

Cozumel Police also added that “this person, Bryan H. R. J., is a person with a long criminal history reported on various occasions for assaults, armed robberies and windshield attacks on private vehicles.”