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Cozumel mayor inaugurates sewage treatment plant

Cozumel, Q.R. –A new water treatment plant has been inaugurated by the mayor of Cozumel in the Rastro Municipal, a plant he says, has been long demanded by residents.

Municipal mayor Pedro Joaquín Delbouis inaugurated the sewage treatment plant emphasizing that the sustainable system will provide better care for the environment as well as island health thanks to the reuse of water generated in the Municipal Rastro. He said this recycling will serve to clean the facilities and irrigate green areas of the island.

“This project, which was carried out with the city’s own resources, will benefit the general population. Thanks to the confidence of the people of Cozumel, the present administration will continue working to improve the infrastructure of the island, including better spaces and public services, to provide a better quality of life for the people of Cozumel,” he said.

During a work tour, Joaquín Delbouis pointed out that the sanitation plant will not only guarantee certainty about the hygiene with which the facility handles, but will also contribute to caring for the environment since it will prevent the contamination of water supply sources and generate significant savings in the consumption of water and butane gas.

The Director of Public Works, Enrique Peraza Peraza, explained that the residual water will go through a process in the equalizer tank, anaerobic and aerobic reactor, and then go through chlorination and leave completely clean so it can be reused.