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Cozumel judge hands down 33 year sentence in 2021 attempted murder case

Cozumel, Q.R. — A judge has handed down a 33 year prison sentence for the 2021 attempted murder of a Cozumel man.

“The sentenced is identified as Carlos Guadalupe “N” who was arrested on March 14, 2021. While on board a car he followed the victim, who was traveling on a motorcycle, to Repobladores Street.

“Upon realizing this situation, the victim tried to take refuge at a friend’s house at which point the accused gets out of the car, argues with him, shoots him and flees the scene to later be arrested,” the State Attorney reported in a statement.

The presiding judge sentenced Carlos Guadalupe “N” to 33 years in prison, a fine of 179,240 pesos and reparation for the amount of 331,844.96 pesos.