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Cozumel installs 33 surveillance cameras and three security arches

Cozumel, Q.R. — More than 30 surveillance cameras have become operational around the island of Cozumel. Over the weekend, effort between the state and municipal governments saw the installation of 33 cutting-edge cameras and three security arches.

According to Cozumel Police, the government installed the first 33 cutting-edge video surveillance cameras on the island while putting three security arches into operation.

“The state investment supports the installation of 33 cameras and three security arches in key points of the island with the aim of strengthening security and preventing crime in this corner of the Caribbean,” the agency reported in a statement.

The Director of Public Security and Transit, Luis Alberto Taylor González, presented this initiative that marks a milestone in the security of Cozumel. “This project is a clear example of cooperation between the state government and the Cozumel City Council,” he said.

He explained that the first 33 cameras are the result of state investment, and it is expected that the next batch will be provided by the City Council, which will benefit the population.

“This technological advancement guarantees a more timely reaction from the authorities to any criminal event and allows the monitoring of events through cameras,” he added.

Taylor González highlighted that the new cameras are equipped with facial recognition technology and the ability to detect vehicle license plates. He said it also has capability to integrate software to recognize the IMEI of cell phones in cases related to crimes.

The Director reported that the cameras will be operated by the state’s Command, Control, Communications and Computing Center (C5) in collaboration with the Public Security Command and Control Center (C2).

In addition, responsible personnel will receive specialized training to ensure efficient operation of the equipment.

To maintain optimal operation of the cameras, a maintenance plan has been agreed with the company responsible for the installation. This will ensure that the cameras operate smoothly and avoid interruptions that could affect island security.

“With this project, the Cozumel Police is positioned at the forefront in the use of technology to guarantee the safety of its inhabitants and visitors. The implementation of these video surveillance cameras constitutes an important step toward a safer and more peaceful Cozumel,” he said.