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Cozumel cops undergo drug testing to renew gun license

Cozumel, Q.R. — Elements of the Municipal Police of Cozumel have been undergoing anti-doping tests in order to renew their gun license.

According to Cozumel Police, the process is part of the renewal of the licenses so that officers can use a firearm during work. To renew their firearm license, each officer must pass a doping control test via a urine sample.

For two days, groups of 40 officers were brought in for the drug test through a urine sample.

Luis Alberto Taylor Gonzáles, the Director of Public Security, explained that if there is a positive result, the test must be done again to rule out medication, however, in the event the second test is also positive, the officer is removed from his position.

Taylor Gonzáles says Cozumel officers are two months away from needing to renew their gun permits, which when complete, is valid for three years.