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Cozumel construction worker killed after being hit by log

Cozumel, Q.R. — A construction worker died in a freak accident on the island of Cozumel after being struck by a large log. The man died on scene Tuesday morning after he was hit by a 300-kilo piece of wood.

The accident was reported on the construction site of the upcoming Lakam Ha tourist complex in the southern region of the island. The man was hit by the log while building a palapa.

Project head Raúl Ramírez González said the now deceased, 26-year-old José BP, was carrying the log with other workers, but was thrown to the ground at which time the log bounced and hit him in the head before falling on him.

An ambulance arrived, but paramedics were only able to confirm the man had already died. José BP was originally from Veracruz.