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Cozumel city inspectors investigated for corruption

Cozumel, Q.R. — Nearly a dozen municipal inspectors are under investigation in Cozumel for allegations of extortion. At least 10 are being investigated for alleged acts of corruption directed at small island bars and cantinas.

San Miguel City Councilor Miguel Ángel Canté says that two have already been removed from their positions and the other eight transferred to different City Council areas while they are being investigated.

“I am aware of two prosecutors who were discharged and eight who are under investigation, but removed from their positions. There are issues of corruption, yes.

“They are already being followed up. The crime was proven against two and they were fired. We are waiting on the others,” he said.

He says the remaining eight are pending verification or clearing of the accusations. Ángel Canté says he has spoken with the affected businessmen who voiced their annoyance over the extortion they allege by the city workers.