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Civil Protection says clearing years of settled sediment will help drain flooded parts of Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Isla Mujeres heads say they are working on strategies to deal with the flooded streets left behind after the recent heavy rains. Isla Mujeres mayor Atenea Gómez Ricalde went on another walking tour of the island’s flooded streets after a Thursday downpour.

The area of Salina Chica was one of the most flooded, she said. Accompanied by Guillermo Morales López, the director of Civil Protection, Ricalde pointed out that they are working on strategies that will allow better attention to these areas during heavy rains.

The mayor said that due to the geographic conditions of the insular area, in times of rain, several areas are left with considerable flooding, so strategies are being worked on to avoid these floods.

“Unfortunately, the Salinas neighborhood, like many other areas of Isla Mujeres, was abandoned for a long time and today we are experiencing these consequences, but we are working on solutions,” she said.

Ricalde said a crew of Civil Protection workers, together with volunteers from the Caring for Isla Mujeres program, will come in to find a solution to the problem.

Guillermo Morales López explained that “the area of the fire station is a collection point for rainwater from different points, together with the channel located next to the base, which flows into the Salina Chica neighborhood, and that due to the abandoned, it has become silt,” which means that this area presents significant waterlogging in times of rain.

“That channel, with sediments and also, unfortunately, with the contribution of some neighbors who throw debris in that part of the channel, permanently blocks the flow of water.

“We are analyzing the situation and a solution is going to be to put a large crew into force to remove the sediment and clear the bed of the channel to achieve the fluidity of the water,” he said.