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City Council working with CFE on PDC-Cozumel cable project

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Solidaridad City Council says they are working with CFE officials on the Playa 88 substation that will deliver underwater cables to Cozumel.

Fabián Antonio Herrera Quiam, Solidaridad Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Works, says they have met with with directors of the Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) and have seen part of the cable plan.

The current CFE route will have cables run under various Playa del Carmen streets and avenues before finally coming out at Playa 88. According to Herrera, the intended route will leave from 2nd Street and run under Las Torres Avenue, Colosio Avenue and then 10th Avenue to 90th Street.

From there, the underground cables will be routed to Playa 88, a specified route that the city does not yet have, he said. Once the cables are established at Playa 88, they will run underwater to the area of Chankanaab on the island of Cozumel.

Herrera says the CFE has agreed to work hand-in-hand with the city to reach agreements and avoid impacts, even if it means modifying the project.

Herrera also said the idea is not to close the beach and not affect citizens. To date, there has not been any official announcement on if the beach will be closed permanently or only during the installation of the cable project.

The project will include running several underwater electric cables to the island of Cozumel. The newly designated starting point for the project has been Playa 88 on the mainland of Playa del Carmen. Image. CFE

Once started, he said the CFE has reported a project completion date of six months. It is expected to be finished sometime in early 2025.