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City Council now says Fifth Avenue remodeling not finished until November

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Mayor Laura Beristain says the rehabilitation projects along Fifth Avenue and Fundadores Park will be ready in November. She says that based on a proposal by several councilors, they are considering the possibility of turning Avenues 10 and 15 into pedestrian only avenues. Doing this, she says, would strengthen the economy in the tourist area.

David Duarte Castilla, secretary of Municipal Territorial Planning and Sustainability of Solidaridad, reported that the dirt portion of their project is 90 percent complete and that according to the guidelines of the contract with the company that was commissioned by the city council, it should all be completed sometime in November.

“The contracts are 150 days, five months from June 1 (…) so in November it would be finished,” said Duarte Castilla.

“Where is Fifth Avenue with its bearings? We will finish it the third week of August. In terms of its dirt, roads they are at 90 percent. They have different advancements according to how companies are attacking those different sections just like Fundadores Park, they are 90 percent complete in its dirt roads, so we will soon start other types of work such as laying tiles and cement,” said Duarte Castilla.

The city council is investing more than 100 million peso in the projects that include the remodeling of the Fifth Avenue and Fundadores Park, which constitutes one of the oldest areas in Playa del Carmen.