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City Council approves Tinacos Isla Mujeres program for families without tanks

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Families of Isla Mujeres who continue to use buckets to store water will be given an option to have proper tanks. On Thursday, Mayor Atenea Gómez announced a unanimously approved vote for a program Tinacos Isla Mujeres.

The program was proposed by the Mayor whose goal is to ensure basic quality services to all Isla Mujeres families. Families on both the Continental Zone and Insular will be offered tinacos at a discount to ensure healthier drinking water.

The tanks, which are being subsidized by the municipality, will be provided at a 75 percent discount to families interested in the program. A basic 450 liter water tank averages around 2,600 pesos, a cost that is out of reach for many.

However, the tanks are being provided by the Government of Isla Mujeres with a 2,000 peso subsidy. Families interested in the tinaco program will be required to pay the difference.

Gómez says that with a proper water tank, families will no longer have to store water in buckets, which she says, only fosters breeding grounds for flies that in turn generate diseases.