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City closes planned gas station near Playa del Carmen school

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Solidaridad General Secretary says the planned construction of a gas station along Universidades Avenue has been closed. The fuel station was shut down after area residents expressed concerns.

Parents from the nearby Miguel Ángel Elementary School met with city officials to express their concerns about the gas station being built so close to the school.

The Secretary General of the City Council, Cecilio Puc, attended a meeting with parents. After the meeting, he reported the project stopped.

“The project has been stopped and we are seeking legal revocation. The mayor has already asked the owner of the project not to built it in this location.”

Cecilio Puc explained that in the event the owner of the station continues to build, the city will not authorize their permits.

“We trust that it will not be built because the municipal authority will not authorize it. The project to build a gas station has been stopped but the owner of the place will have the options to develop any other type of business,” he explained.

Gabriel Ronquillo, the Director of Urban Development, said that the construction of a gas station requires both state and federal permits, not only municipal permits.

“We closed the project because for the municipal government, the priority is safety,” he said.

City closes planned gas station near Playa del Carmen school
Permits to build the gas station next to an elementary school were granted by the previous administration. Photo: January 9, 2024.

Playa del Carmen Mayor Lili Campos said the permits were granted to the business owner during the previous administration. She said that the construction of the gas station was stopped since it is next to a school.

“That gas station will not be a reality. The man was notified. It is not that one is betraying the businessman. Far from it, but our duties are to take care of the citizens,” she said.