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CFE submarine cable project to Cozumel postponed

Cozumel, Q.R. — A project to run new underwater electric cables to the island of Cozumel has been postponed until next year. Joaquín Manuel García Calzada, the Director of Urban Development and Ecology, says the permits are being processed, however, due to a route change, the start of the project will be delayed.

It will not be until next year when the installation of the new Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) submarine cable begins. According to Calzada Marrufo, head of Desarrollo Urbano y Ecología, the procedures for the construction licenses are progressing, however, there was a modification to the route.

The change of route was made due to a CAPA project. He said the trajectory was changed at the height of the Military Air Base due to the work of the Commission of Drinking Water and Sewerage (CAPA) since that cable was going to run next to Sedena, but due to the drainage project, it had to be changed.

There is advancement, though, he said. “We are about to release the license and with this, the CFE will be able to follow up on the management such as the bidding for the project.”

Calzada Marrufo said that the plan is still to install four cables from the mainland of Playa del Carmen to the island of Cozumel. Three of those underwater cables will supply the megawatts the island requires with an additional line to provide emergency support.

He said that there is no start date for 2024, but it will likely take a year to finish once started. “The CFE stated that the entire project would take approximately one year, but I do not know if it includes the marine and land work of Playa Carmen,” he stated.