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CFE head says an approved reform could mean one rate across the country

Mexico City, Mexico — Manuel Bartlett, the general director of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), says that with the approval of the electricity reform proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a single electricity rate could be set throughout Mexico.

During his appearance before the United Energy and Infrastructure commissions of the Chamber of Deputies last week, Bartlett said that with the current model, there are different energy rates in the country which are established by the Energy Regulatory Commission.

“That the president’s reform is approved is very important […] One of the measures we will take is to establish a single rate in the country,” he said.

Likewise, the CFE general director pointed out that the different electricity tariffs represents an obstacle because there are companies that seek to establish themselves in locations where the electricity rates are lower.

By setting a single electricity tariff, it is sought that industrialization can be promoted in all the states of the Mexican Republic.

“Rates will not rise above inflation. They are three years of stable rates despite the current market situation. If the reform is not approved, we will continue to keep rates low, there is no discussion about it, but hopefully it will be approved because we will have more instruments and space to lower costs,” he said.

The CFE general director assured that the López Obrador government has reduced and kept electricity rates stable for three years, and that they did so “at the most critical moment of the electrical systems in North America.”