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Capella reports more than 130 officers dismissed due to corruption, another 100 being investigated

Cancun, Q.R. — The Secretary of Public Security (SSP) in Quintana Roo says they continue to clean house of corruption with the removal of more than 130 officers from the state corporation.

State security head Alberto Capella Ibarra says in no way will they allow corrupt agents in the corporation which is why, since he arrived in 2018, they have dismissed more than 130 police officers due to crime or corruption.

He says police elements must keep in mind that they belong to a corporation that follows the ideals of caring for citizens and not attempt to go against those ideals, adding that a strict selection process is in place for the hiring of State Public Security agents, a selection process that will continue as part of the state’s strategy.

Capella Ibarra also acknowledged that there are about 100 other state officers currently being investigated and in the process of dismissal for maintaining links with criminal behavior. He explained that the inquiries are made through the Honor and Justice Council of the corporation, since the elements have violated the rules.

He clarified that the problem of infiltration of criminal groups in police corporations dates back to the three orders of government in all states around the country, not only in Quintana Roo.

He made it clear that they act quick and harsh to avoid damaging what they have already accomplished in the fight against insecurity.