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Cancun Uber drivers come to security agreement with local authorities

Cancun, Q.R. — Dozens of Cancun Uber drivers have ended their road block after reaching a security agreement with local officials. Dozens of Uber drivers protested along Tulum Avenue in Cancun two consecutive days after a driver was murdered Sunday.

The frustrated rideshare drivers were demanding better security for Cancun Uber operators. Their inner city roadway protest came to an end after reaching an agreement with authorities.

Part of the agreement includes Uber drivers having a direct link with a Municipal Police commander to immediately address any aggression or conflict while working. The new direct link will eliminate reports being routed through the city’s C5 Command Centre, but instead, be direct.

Another agreement was the addition of officers at known pickup points in the Cancun Hotel Zone. Uber drivers requested police be present in the hotel zone to which an agreement was made that will see police stationed in shifts twice a night.

The meeting was reportedly held with Municipal Secretary Pablo Gutiérrez Fernández and authorities from the Municipal Police.

The two day protest came after the fatal shooting of an Uber driver Sunday. Police were called to a centrally located motel around 1:00 a.m. Sunday after reports of a shooting.

More than two dozen Cancun Uber drivers protested for two days after a the murder of an operator outside a motel. Photo: March 25, 2024.

At the scene they located a deceased Uber driver. The man was shot and killed while picking up two women from the motel who requested the service. Local authorities have not reported on a possible motive for the deadly attack.