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Cancun reinstates courtesy tourist card for minor driving infractions

Cancun, Q.R. — The city of Cancun will start issuing tourist cards to visitors with rental vehicles later this month. Alma Reynoso Zambrano, President of the Quintana Roo Vehicle Rental Association, says the city of Cancun has reestablished the tourist card that allows drivers a free pass for minor driving infractions.

Visitors to the city will be allowed two minor driving violations with only a warning from the Benito Juárez Transit Directorate. The cards will be distributed to people who rent vehicles in the city of Cancun.

Reynoso Zambrano said the cards are digital and registered in the name of the person renting the vehicle. A code will be scanned that will identify the name of the car driver. It will also be used to keep track of traffic infractions.

He said to date, 10,000 cards have been made. They are currently being distributed to Cancun car rental agencies. The tourist cards will become effective as of December 19.

Reynoso Zambrano said the Asociación de Arrendadores de Vehículos de Quintana Roo is currently working with the Instituto de Movilidad de Quintana Roo or Imoveqroo to expand the cards to include other municipalities in the state.

When the cards come into effect December 19, they will only be distributed to tourists renting cars through agencies in the city of Cancun.

In November, Cancun authorities had announced the reinstatement of the tourist card for the winter holiday season. At the time, Cancun Councilor, Alma Reynoso Zambrano who chairs the Public Security, Preventive Police and Traffic Commission, said while the card allows tourists courtesy driving infractions, it is also meant to deter Transit agent corruption against rental car drivers.

The Tourist Card was initially implemented in the state of Quintana Roo in December of 2016, but was eventually phased out.