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Cancun prison guards jail woman smuggler

Cancun, Q.R. — A woman remains in jail after she was caught attempting to smuggle a package of drugs into a Cancun prison. Hazael “N” was taken into custody from the inspection area of the Cancun prison after a search revealed the rolled package.

The Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC) of Quintana Roo says Hazael “N” was found carrying 347 grams of marijuana intended for an inmate. The woman was at the Centro de Reinserción Social (Cereso) of Cancun prison as a visitor when guards located the package.

“A woman was discovered trying to enter the Cancun Penitentiary Center with the amount of 347 grams of green grass with the same characteristics as the drug known as marijuana,” the SSC reported in a statement Thursday.

“The events occurred when the female went to visit the facilities and when passing through the screening filters, the custodians noticed the package that would haven been delivered to one of the inmates.

“The woman, who responds to the name of Hazael “N”, was placed at the disposal of the authorities for the corresponding process.”