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Cancun National Guard find bus of illegal migrants during routine highway inspection

Cancun, Q.R. — A routine inspection by National Guard lead to the discovery of a bus load of undocumented migrants. On Saturday night, members of the National Guard patrolling the federal highway stopped a bus for a routine inspection.

The bus had entered the city of Cancun from Playa del Carmen. On board were dozens of undocumented people of various nationalities. The driver of the bus was immediately arrested while National Guard inspected passenger documents.

None on board were able to prove their legal stay in the country, therefore, the bus was escorted to the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) office in Cancun.

Once at the Fiscalía General de la República (FGR) office, immigration officers were notified. Personnel from the National Migration Institute (INM) arrived to carry out an official document inspection.

National Guard monitor the bus while INM agents review passenger documents. Photo: April 6, 2024.

Those on board are reported to have been mostly of Central American nationality. An official number of illegal migrants is unknown. At the time of publishing, local authorities had not yet released a public statement.