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Cancun man hails police for midnight mugging, two arrested

Cancun, Q.R. — A man who requested help from police was able to identify his attackers and see them arrested for robbery after they mugged him on a city street.

The incident happened around midnight in SM 96 of Cancun when a man hailed Quintana Roo Police, requesting assistance after he had been mugged at gunpoint by two other men while walking along 104th Street.

Leaving with a description of the men, police were able to quickly locate the pair who were still in the process of fleeing the area. Upon inspection of their person, police reported finding one male carrying a Smith & Wesson with ammo, while the second male was found armed with a 20 cm long knife.

The victim was present and able to identify the two men who had robbed him of his personal possessions. Arrested were 20-year-old Margarito N and 24-year-old Abel N. Both men were trying to hail a taxi for SM 235 when police located and arrested them.