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Cancun man charged with child pornography offences

Cancun, Q.R. — After several months of investigating, Cancun police have arrested one man believed involved in child pornography. On Tuesday, the FGE reported the arrest of Néstor P in an operation with the National Guard.

The agency says that Néstor P was taken into custody from a building in SM 75 of Cancun “for his probable participation in the crime of child pornography”. Since his arrest, the FGE says that Néstor P has been formally charged.

He was arrested after several months of investigation and monitoring by FGE cyber police. His activity was located and his identity verified “of this illicit activity”, the agency said in their statement. A search of his home lead to the seizure of computers, mobile devices and USB sticks where material related to child pornography was found stored since it is illegal to to produce, distribute, receive or possess any child pornography.