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Cancun looters trying to make off with shopping carts arrested by police

Cancun, Q.R. — Quintana Roo Police in Cancun have arrested a group who were reportedly looting from a Walmart chain, Bodega Aurrerá.

The group of looters were spotted by store staff Saturday around 9:30 p.m. as they were attempting to push several shopping carts of items outside the store. Two men and one woman from the group were arrested after a call was placed to 911.

The group were looting a Walmart Bodega Aurrerá in Region 259 in the Las Palmas subdivision of Cancun. They were found with merchandise valued at more than 5,900 peso, which was recovered by employees and security personnel.

Authorities say in testimonies collected that several people entered the store as customers and filled their carts with merchandise. Rather than paying, they headed toward the doors where they pushed security agents and employees who came to the aide of the store’s security personnel.

The store was immediately shut down, which allowed employees to recover the three shopping carts, however, they say at least four other shopping carts were successfully pushed outside with looters making off with the merchandise which is estimated to have had a value of at least 15,000 peso.

Head of Public Security, Alberto Capella addressed the arrests on social media saying “We have warned them and today we confirm it. These subjects attempted to extract merchandise. They were detained flagrantly and immediately,” who published photos of the looters. The two men and woman were placed at the disposal of the Office of the Prosecutor.