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Cancun judge hands down 44 year sentence for double murder

Cancun, Q.R. — A Cancun judge has sentenced a man to more than 44 years in prison in the stabbing death of two. On Tuesday, the State Attorney General reported on the 44 year and 6 month prison sentence handed down to Omar “N”.

Omar “N” was sentenced “for the crime of qualified homicide to the detriment of two male victims as well as for attempted homicide of a third victim, whom he injured with a knife.”

The stabbings took place on March 28, 2020 when Omar “N” stabbed two people after learning of a coworker argument with one of the victims. One victim was stabbed in the abdomen. The second was stabbed in the neck, back and chest. Both men died.

At the scene, Omar “N” also injured a third person in the chest, who after the attack, managed to get help.

In addition to his 44 year and 6 month prison sentence, Omar “N” has been ordered to pay a fine of 231,622 pesos to compensate for damages, as well as 519,560.80 pesos for each of the deceased.