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Cancun, Isla Mujeres already warning drivers about upcoming mobility restrictions

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Traffic filters have begun to appear around the state’s northern regions after the governor announced an epidemiological light rollback to orange.

Sanitary filters are already being placed around points of Isla Mujeres. Captain Arturo Quiñonez Ambario, Isla Mujeres Traffic Director, explained that the filters are are part of the state program Reactivate Quintana Roo, focused on reducing the number of infections.

He says filters are being installed around different parts of the Continental Mainland and island, informing drivers that as of Monday, sanitary protocols will be in force which includes a decrease in vehicular mobility.

He stressed that some of the changes to come into effect Monday will include a reduced maximum capacity for motorcycles, which under the orange epidemiological light is only one person, and that for private cars, the maximum is four people.

Quiñonez Ambario added that for taxis, the maximum capacity is three people including the driver. He also warned that as of Monday, no driver, local, national or foreign, will be able to travel without a mouth mask, and in the event someone refuses to comply, they will be fined.

The head of Isla Mujeres Transit says the operations will be implemented by instructions of the state for strict compliance with health protocols and include a reduction in mobility as well as the application of health filters, street closures and various operations to limit circulation.

The same reinforcements are also already being set up around the city of Cancun with the Department of Transportation beginning their verification process Friday. Rodrigo Alcázar Urrutia, head of the Department of Transportation and Roads of Benito Juárez, began public transport verification.

Authorities are stopping public transport units to ensure they comply with sanitary measures which includes the wearing of mouth masks and a maximum capacity of eight passengers for combis, under the orange epidemiological light.

On January 25, the northern region of the state will be rolled back to an orange epidemiological light after a continued increase in Covid-19 infections.