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Cancun homeowner arrested after stabbing lawyer to death

Cancun, Q.R. — The owner of a Cancun home has been taken into custody after allegedly killing a man who arrived to serve an eviction notice. The man, a lawyer, arrived at the home with a coworker Wednesday to serve the notice of eviction.

During the delivery of the notice, the male owner of the home and the two lawyers became involved in a heated verbal exchange. After one of the lawyers retrieved a golf club from his car, the homeowner reacted by grabbing a kitchen knife and attacking them.

One of the lawyers was killed after allegedly being stabbed by the angry homeowner. The incident happened in the Villas del Sol subdivision of Cancun Wednesday afternoon.

Police were called after both men were allegedly attacked by the owner of the home that left one dead at the scene and the other transferred to hospital with chest injuries.

The second lawyer was transferred to Cancun hospital with chest and arm injuries.
Photo: November 15, 2023.

Cancun officers responding to the stabbing report began a search for the man, who they did successfully locate and arrest.