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Cancun bus driver says flames shot out of console

Cancun, Q.R. — For the second time in a week, a bus is completely gutted after catching fire. A transport bus in Cancun is the second in less than a week to catch fire and burn due to a short circuit.

The incident occurred around 11:00 a.m. in Region 235 of Cancun Wednesday. The driver of the bus said he was traveling along the roadway when he began to smell burning. Moments later, he said flames began to shoot out of the console of the bus, so he called emergency 911.

It didn’t take long for the entire unit to catch. By the time Cancun firemen arrived, the bus was nearly gutted. They extinguished the flames and had what was left towed away. There were no injuries reported.

Last week, a bus carrying a load of hotel workers in Playa del Carmen caught fire and burned. There were no injuries reported in that incident.