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Cancun authorities capture three on warrants for city murders

Cancun, Q.R. — The State Attorney General’s Office has completed arrest warrants against of three people for three separate Cancun murders. According to a statement from the Office, “they are accused of qualified homicide that occurred on December 15, 2023, and January 3 and 9, 2024, in Cancun.”

Kairo “N” was arrested by Investigative Police agents in the death of a Cancun woman. He is alleged involved in “the incident that occurred on the night of January 3, 2024, in the Chan Cenote neighborhood in SM 245 of Cancun,” without providing additional information.

A second person, Ángel Emmanuel “N”, was arrested by Investigative Police for the December 2023 shooting of a Cancun man. According to the Office, the shooting took place “on December 15, 2023, when he met with the male victim whom he shot with a firearm in a park in the Paseos del Mar subdivision of Supermanzana 251.”

Additional information surrounding the events that lead up to the shooting was not provided.

FGE personnel also arrested Adelfo “N”, who is allegedly related to a homicide that occurred on January 9 of this yearn to the detriment of a male victim. Adelfo “N” is alleged to have killed a man “for alleged problems related to the purchase and sale of land in an irregular area.”

In their statement, the Office reported that “Adelfo “N” was arrested along with four other subjects for his probable participation in events possibly constituting crimes against health in the form of drug dealing and for carrying two firearms.”