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Cancun and Isla Mujeres municipal authorities hold talks with CFE

Cancun, Q.R. — Both Cancun and Isla Mujeres authorities are working with CFE after a series of electrical blackouts in both municipalities.

The municipalities of Benito Juárez (Cancun) and Isla Mujeres reported that talks have been held with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) after the ongoing blackouts.

At least six power outages have been reported in and around Cancun and the Isla Mujeres mainland in the past two weeks. Municipal authorities said they held meeting with the CFE after receiving numerous reports of power outages.

Pablo Gutiérrez Fernández, Benito Juárez General Secretary said that meetings were held after the SM 91 blackout in Cancun that had angry residents block a section of López Portillo Avenue.

“The objective is to prevent or act as soon as possible because the problem is hitting the municipal administrations every time a failure occurs (…) So we are working in a coordinated manner so that the service is restored as quickly as possible,” Gutiérrez Fernández explained.

He said that while the CFE is responsible for complaints regarding power failures, the municipal government is responsbiel for helping to resolve the situation and reduce the power down-time.

Part of the ongoing failures, Gutiérrez Fernández noted, is the heat. He said that the high temperatures has increased user demand which has created a draw on the old CFE infrastructure that it cannot withstand.

One of the biggest problems residents have aside from being left in the dark is the amount of time it takes CFE personnel to attend to a power failure, which has been reported to be as long as four hours.