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Cancun also preparing early for arrival of sargassum

Cancun, Q.R. — As of next month, a sargassum team in Cancun will begin getting ready earlier than usual for its arrival. Admiral Alejandro López Centeno, National Coordinator of the Strategy for Dealing with Sargassum, said they will start getting ready to deal with the seaweed that is expected to arrive in March.

He said that the Secretary of the Navy will have sargassum collection vessels ready for use once it begins to land in the region.

“We are already with the preparations for the deployment in the first half of March with all the available equipment,” he said.

Once the last season was over in November, he said preventive maintenance was provided to the collection boats and the equipment.

“The sargassum collection vessels received maintenance in Chetumal. Now the ship is in a Coatzacoalcos shipyard,” he said. “We have held coordination meetings with the state and municipal governments so that they know the actions that are going to be taken, such as the configuration of the barriers,” he added.

Admiral López Centeno also mentioned that that are working on the plan of the transfer tasks and final disposal sites for the seaweed.

He also noted that on February 12, Semar began installing the sea barrier anchors along the coast of Quintana Roo and that within the first 15 days of March, the anti-sargassum barriers should be in place.