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Bosch Mexico starts manufacturing in Querétaro plant after $146 million USD expansion

Colón, Querétaro — Bosch Mexico has begun manufacturing in its new Querétaro plant. The company expanded Bosch in the city of Colón with a $146 million USD investment.

“In Querétaro, we are ready to take the industry to a new level of competition,” said Governor Mauricio Kuri González when inaugurating the plant. The expanded Bosch Mexico manufacturing plant will produce automotive transmission columns.

Kuri González pointed out that Germany is one of the main commercial partners in the state and that the German plant’s new expansion created more than 400 Mexican jobs.

The Secretary of Sustainable Development, Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero, said that Bosch Mexico is part of the 192 German companies with presence in the state. They are 9.2 percent of the national total and 11.5 percent of the total companies in Querétaro.

He noted that German investments are focused mainly on the sector of wholesale trade of machinery and manufacturing of vehicle parts, as well as equipment for the manufacturing industry.

During the inauguration, the president of Bosch Mexico, René Schlegel, said that one year after the announcement, the speed between decision, execution and perseverance made it possible to start operations.